USA Tourist Visa Agents In Delhi

USA Tourist Visa Agents In Delhi

The United States generally require tourist visas, which are called B1 visas, for citizens of other countries who wish to visit. Citizens of other countries can use this visa to travel to a U.S. port-of-entry and request permission from an immigration inspector. B-2. A visitor visa allows individuals to temporarily enter the United States for pleasure or medical treatment, temporarily (B-1) or permanently (B-1). There are limitations to the program, such as not being able to work or gain employment. Business (B-1) visitor visas are recommended if you are going to the U.S. for consultation with colleagues, to attend a lecture, film screening, or conference, to settle an estate, or negotiate a contract. You must also apply for a visitor visa (B-2) if you plan to travel for purposes such as visiting family or friends, for tourism, amusement, social functions, or for medical treatment.

Best USA Tourist Visa Agents In Delhi

A visit to the USA is an opportunity to visit captivating places, numerous business opportunities, world-class medical facilities and more. Taking a glimpse at a lifestyle and witnessing beautiful US destinations that are world-renowned are some of the reasons why people visit the US. We Are definitely a name you can trust if you are also a candidate for the US visit visa.

In addition to providing expert assistance in application procedure, documentation, and translation, we also provide translation services. We also provide interview tips so that our clients' applications at the US Consulate are stress-free and they don't have to face any obstacles during their interview.Those who are from countries able to gain entry to the USA without a visa may argue that this is their privilege. While some countries offer visa-free travel to the United States, we also provide assistance to residents of those countries that have no choice but to obtain a B1 or B2 visa for the USA, which is extended based on the purpose of the trip.

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, you must qualify for these non-immigrant visas to enter the United States. Visa applicants intend to immigrate to the United States, according to the law. We work with you to correct this presumption by demonstrating your cause for visiting the country and any specific period of time you will be in the USA as well as proofs that ensure your return, such as your residence, family, leaving letter from your job, etc.

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