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USA H1b Visa Consultants In Delhi

USA H1b Visa Consultants In Delhi

In India, a H1B visa is required for work in the United States. Trump's strict policies regarding H1B visas make it difficult to obtain this visa these days. In addition, obtaining an H1B visa has become harder for US students.

The field of specialization for which you seek employment must have a bachelor's degree or higher. Your employment will be assessed by USCIS to determine if it is an occupation requiring specialization and if you can perform the duties successfully. For the terms and conditions of your contract of employment, your employer must submit a labour condition application to the Department of Labour.

USA Work Visa (H-1B Visa)

Listed on our platform are reputable businesses. You can find details about H1B Visa Consultant fees, etc., on their website. With us, you can connect with the reputed H1B Visa Consultants in Delhi NCR (gurugram, noida, faridabad, gaziabad). In case you are in need of a Visa Agent, fill out the form above with your requirements. You can ask any questions regarding overseas immigration to our experts. .

Relocating to another country to live a better lifestyle and find better job opportunities has always been a significant challenge for foreigners. U.S. immigrants are currently among the most sought-after ones in the world when it comes to safety and attractiveness for them as a destination for work, study, and residence. The United States has restrictive policies that prevent foreign workers from obtaining work permits. Employers find it hard to sponsor H1-B work permits due to the strict rules of the US government.

H-1B (Specialty Occupation)

Obtaining employment with a US company is the first step toward getting a work visa. You will be nominated for a visa based on the job offer. This is typically the H1B visa. An I-140 will be submitted by your employer. As a qualified worker, you'll have the opportunity to live and work in the US.

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