USA C1D Visa Consultants In Delhi

USA C1D Visa Consultants In Delhi

A normal operation on board the vessel has to be proven in order to qualify for this visa category. A C1D visa holder in American waters can stay a maximum of 29 days before leaving the country on his or her ship. In the U.S., departure means a ship leaves a port in the U.S. and arrives at a port outside the country (the U.S. includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the American Virgin Islands).

C1D visas can be obtained by a traveler who is a crew member on the airline or ship. An employer must also provide a letter confirming their working relationship with an airline or (cruise) ship. A U.S. company or the U.S. side may not compensate the applicant.The applicant does not have to be employed at the time of application, however a contract should be available that confirms future employment with the company.

C1D applicants, therefore, retain their permanent residence outside the United States and plan to visit the U.S. for only a short period of time.

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