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Having reopened its consular offices following a temporary closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Spain is pleased to welcome Indian travellers.Spain's history is dotted with a number of important events of the world. It was the first global empire and the largest country in Europe. Spain has greatly influenced the history of the world, and you can now enter the country. country for various reasons.

How to Apply for a Spain Tourist Visa?

Spain VAC (Visa Application Center) situated across India is handling all applications for Schengen Spain visas from the Embassy of Spain in India. Therefore, you must go through them in order to obtain a visa for Spain. The application, however, is done offline as there is no online visa application for Spain from India. Before starting the application, ensure that you must check if you are eligible for the particular category you are applying for. After that, you may proceed with the application as follows - Therefore, you must apply through them for a Spain visa.

Documents should be collected by following each category's document checklist.

You can download the application form from the VAC's website or the Embassy/Consulate of Spain.

Complete the form and print it, or fill it out in blue ink on a printed form. As indicated by your jurisdiction, make an appointment with the VAC. An online VAC portal is available for this purpose.

Take the application form, documents, and fees to the VAC. Your biometrics will be taken here, too.

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