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On June 10th, 1582, Portugal celebrated its independence commemorating the anniversary of its declaration of independence. Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe and means "warm port" in Latin. In addition to being adjacent to the vast Atlantic ocean to the west and south, it also borders Spain to the north and east, and is bounded by the vast Atlantic ocean to the west and south.

It is also the capital of Portugal, which has the westernmost point of Europe, Cape Roca. Although Portugal has a prominent metal refining, chemical, and oil industry, it is best known as a world leader in cork oak production.

The country that spawned modern western culture and became a global empire during the 16th century, Portugal is one of the most developed countries in the world, and one of the founding members of the Eurozone.

Study in Portugal

Portugal has an extensive history of higher education that spans several decades.Portugal and the United States have a serene culture that makes it the most suitable spot for a scholar from around the world to pursue an education.

Why Study in Portugal?

Portuguese universities have worked diligently to ensure they provide an education of a superior quality by adopting the Bologna Procedure.The higher education system in the United States is split between public and private institutions.Colleges and polytechnics are divided into two different types.A university provides science, medicine, and law, in addition to research.Among the professions taught in polytechnics are nursing, accounting and instruction.There are three degrees offered by both types of institution; a Licenciado (bachelor's), Mestre (master's), and a Doutor (accreditation).

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